Wednesday 22 March 2023

3Born in 1964 in Romania. Mr Vinaşi Doru is marries and has 3 kids. He studied Mechanical Engineering, and started to play basketball in junior team in Cluj-Napoca.
Became a referee 1992
National league 1994
FIBA licence 1997

Mr Doru finished his career as active referee in 2014, and from 2015 he is a National FIBA Instructor.

6Highlights of referee’s career:

  • 350 games officiated in the European club competitions,
  • 150 official international games between national teams,
  • 14 games in the National Seniors Finals,
  • 8 games in the Final for Romanian Cup Competition
  • 650 games in the national seniors’ competitions,
  • 180 games in the national juniors’ competitions,
  • Nominated the Best Romanian Basketball referee in 2010