Tuesday 21 March 2023

National Referee since 1974 up to 1998
FIBA Referee since 1978

22 FIBA Cup Finals and World/European Championships Finals

FIBA Commissioner since 1998.
Since 1997 FIBA Staff Instructor

Since 2000 ULEB – Euroleague: Technical Adviser and Clinic Director
Many Publications about basketball refereeing for example in FIBA Monthly Magazine Awards.

1989. Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. Presented by HM Queen Elizabeth II. “The Technical Development of Basketball Officials in the USA.”



1995. The Sports Council Services to Sport Award. “Services to Basketball in the Northern Region.”

1999. The Greek Basketball Federation Special Award.
"Services to the sport of Basketball"

FIBA All Stars v France. 1995. FIBA All Stars v FC.Barcelona. 1996.