Tuesday 21 March 2023

Igor Dragojevic

We would like to welcome for the first time in Radom, Igor Dragojevic from Montenegro, who is top European FIBA and Euroleague referee.
Igor became a referee in 1992 when he obtained his license in former Yugoslavia, 3 years later he was already in first Yugoslavian league. Igor passed FIBA clinic I 2007 and became international referee and 4 years later join Euroleague group of referees. Igor has in his track record Eurobasket Men and Women and Eurochallenge Finals, as well as many finals in FIBA youth competition, finals in ABA league, BIBL Balkan League and more than 50 finals in National Championships and National Cup.


Igor Dragojevic

We asked Igor what is his favourite part od the job and he said, “Working as Euroleague referee my favorite part is that I am, together with my colleagues, an important part of one of the biggest sports brands - Euroleague Basketball. Of course, there are trips, new acquaintances and friendships.”

Igor DragojevicThan he added: “European basketball is progressing from year to year, becoming quicker and more attractive and coming up with big steps towards the NBA league. So, the same is with referees, we have to follow the trends in the modern basketball and keep up-to-date from year to year.”

We were also curious if Igor attended some summer camps before and how will ne help to get better to toe REFEREE.PL participants this year.

Igor: “last few years I have also participated in the organization of similar camps in Montenegro but also as an instructor in various referees camps where I would like to mention Alan Richardson's camp in Sofia, Referee Camp in Trebinje (BIH) , Referee Clinic in Bar (Montenegro). I am familiar with the good work of your camp for many years and will be my pleasure if I have helped with my knowledge and experience a camp. I know that here working very professionally with young judges for years and there is certainly one of the best in Europe.”

Welcome to OUR team for Igor Dragojevic and see you very soon in Radom!!

Career highlights:
1992. I past my first referee exam
1995. License for first league in Yugoslavia
From 2007. FIBA referee
From 2011. Euroleague referee

2011. Eurobasket women - Poland
2013. Eurobasket men - Slovenia
2015. Eurobasket men - France

2011. Final four FIBA Eurochallenge (final game)

Igor Dragojevic