Tuesday 21 March 2023

Grzegorz Ziemblicki

We are very happy to let you know, that Grzegorz Ziemblicki will be joining our instructors team to work with you at the REFEREE.PL 2018 camp in Radom.
Grzegorz passed FIBA clinic in 1995 and became international referee. During his long career he executed many finals (Ronchetti Cup, Saporta Cup to name some), also many times at Eurobasket Men and Women, World Championship and Olympic Games in Sydney. We could also see Grzegorz on the Euroleague games for past 20 years. Since 2015 Grzegorz is working as an FIBA Instructor and National Instructor in Poland.


Grzegorz ZiemblickiHow does the FIBA National Instructor work look like? What are your main focuses and tasks?

Grzegorz Ziemblicki: We need to separate two things. FIBA Instructor and National Instructor there are two different functions and two different platforms of work with referees. FIBA Instructor is working with FIBA referees mainly during summer tournaments but not only. Also, on FIBA Camps for international and potential national referees. National Instructor is working with FIBA referees and potential national referees in own countries. FIBA Instructor helps in learning process of international referees - watching game live, via internet and through different programs like Video Observation Program or SCOD program. FIBA Instructor advices and shares his knowledge and experience with new generation of the referees.

How are you connected to officiating in different ways still? FIBA Commissioner, Instructor?

Grzegorz Ziemblicki: I am FIBA Commissioner, FIBA Instructor and National Instructor, all functions are directly involved with officiating. Also, I am still active as referee on regional level to feel better and understand officiating.

Coming to Referee.pl do you have any personal goals? For working with referees or preparing to the coming season?

Grzegorz Ziemblicki: There is no personal goal because we are one Instructor's team. We have to focus on new rule changes and how to communicate during the game with participants, pay attention on landing fouls, UF and consistency.

Officiating career highlights:

1995 International Referee
1998 Ronchetti Cup Final
2001 Saporta Cup Final
2000 Sydney Olympics
1999, 2001, 2011 Eurobasket Women
2003, 2005, 2007 Eurobasket Men
Euroleague referee 2001-2003, 2004-2015
2011 Euroleague Final Four
2010 Women World Championship
2011 FIBA All Star Women Game
From 2015 FIBA National Instructor in Poland

Grzegorz Ziemblicki