Tuesday 21 March 2023

Todd Warnick

It is high time to start announcing the instructors for this year’s camp. With a great pleasure at first, we would like to introduce former Euroleague and FIBA referee – Todd Warnick.

Todd started his official referee career in USA in 1973, where for 5 years he was attending college and officiating semi-professional league. In 1979 he moved to Jerusalem and was working as referee for 25 years in Israel’s premier league and 20 years in FIBA including 2000 - 2003 in Euroleague. After finishing his career on the court, Todd became a referee instructor and coach. Between 2007 - 2017 Todd joined as instructor in more than 20 FIBA tournaments, adding clinics and camps, video observations, individual coaching and mentoring. He is also Certified FIBA instructor (FRIP) and since 2016 working in Euroleague/Eurocup as referee coach.

As Todd has experience from European competitions and overseas league we asked him to tell us more about this.

Todd Warnick

Todd Warnick: “I was very lucky when I started to officiate to have had good teachers who stressed good fundamentals as the basis of good officiating. I came to Israel in 1979 to live there - not to officiate - but I discovered quickly that I could also referee in Israel and I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a long officiating career there and in Europe after passing the FIBA course in 1984.”

And never wanted to stay in NBA?

Todd: “Because I lived and worked in Israel I never thought of the possibility of refereeing in the NBA but I have always followed their referees closely and have learned a great deal from watching them, especially with regards to game management and communications.”


Todd: “I prefer the NBA game over the NCAA for a variety of reasons though I like to watch “March Madness” at the end of the season. “

Working as an observer in Euroleague what is your favorite part of this job?

Todd WarnickTodd: “I am very pleased now to be working as a referee coach for Euroleague and Eurocup games. It’s an outstanding professional framework and a privilege to work with so many who are not just outstanding referees, but outstanding people who continually strive for excellence. As a referee coach, it’s gives me great personal satisfaction to be part of that process. We’re now getting ready for next season and together with our Director of Referees, Richard Stokes, the other coaches and referees, we are looking to replicate what was done well in the past season and those areas where we can do even better in the future. It’s always exciting to start a new season. “

Do you have any personal goal coming to the referee.pl camp?

Todd: “I’m very much looking forward to meeting the referees at the referee.pl camp - both getting to know them and to work with them as referees, and as individuals as well. “


See you soon at Referee.pl in Radom!