Thursday 8 June 2023

For the second time welcome to the REFEREE.PL Instructors team for Michał Proc from Poland. Michał is a young FIBA referee. He started to play basketball in the age of 10 and officiated his first game at the basketball preseason preparation camp for his team 2 years later. He comes from Warsaw and as an interesting fact, he also officiates Polish Championship in the arm wrestling.

Michał Proc


Michał is having a successful time in his international career, and so it will be good to hear for referees from his perspective about how to work on your development in the beginning for FIBA games.
Can’t wait to meet again!! Camp coming soon.

Career highlights:
Referee since 2001
Top Polish league since 2013
FIBA referee 2015
Universiade 2017
Basketball Champions League season 2016/17
Participated in REFEREE.PL camp 2013