Thursday 8 June 2023

Welcome to the instructors team for Marcin Kowalski. This is the second time when Marcin is with us after the camp in Krakow. Marcin is an active FIBA referee. He is also officiating Euroleague and EURO CUP games. Marcin got his refree licence 27 years ago. He has great international experience of many Eurobaskets and Championships, that he will be very happy to share with you.

Marcin Kowalski


Marcin KowalskiCareer highlights:
Referee since 1990.
International referee since 2003.
From 2005 in Euroleague.
Refereeing EUROLEAGUE and EURO CUP games.

2005 - Eurobasket Women in Turkey
2007 - Eurobasket Women in Italy
2009 - Summer Universiade in Belgrade
2011 - European Championship U20 in Spain
2012 - World Championship Women U17 in Holland
2013 - European Championship Women U20 in Turkey
2015 - Eurobasket in Germany, Latvia, Croatia and France
2016 - European Championship U20 in Finland

In 2012 attended NBA summer league.