Thursday 8 June 2023

As our instructor's list is open we continue to announce the confirmed names of who is joining OUR TEAM for the REFEREE.PL 2017.

Sasa Pukl

We are very pleased to tell you that Sasa Pukl will come to Radom this year to work with you. As an active referee with a long resume of games, tournaments and championships, including Olympics, he is a tresure of knowledge for the common trends, rules understanding and implementation during the game, player's different behaviour and so on. Everyone will have time to ask some questions and watch the video clips with Sasa, who will be watching you working your games.


6996028 1 700Sasa is a refere since 1995, here is his professional basketball referee track record:

2012 London olympics
2008 (Madrid) and 2016 (Manila) Olympics qualifying tournament
2006 (Japan) and 2010 (Turkey) World cup
2005 (Serbia-Montenegro) and 2007 (Spain) Eurobasket
2011 (Argentina) and 2013 (Mexico) Americas Championship
2001 (Japan), 2005 (Argentina) and 2009 (New Zealand) Fiba U-19 World Championship

Eurolegue referee since 2001
2014 (Moscow) and 2016 (Strasbourg) Eurocup final game
2007 (Athens), 2009 (Berlin), 2014 (Milano) and 2015 (Madrid) Euroleague Final 4. Milano and Madrid also final games

5th times as an instructor at REFEREE.PL: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016