Tuesday 21 March 2023


It is truly becoming a tradition that Kuba prepares a very tight agenda for his camps. In this manner Survival Camp is indifferent. The aim is not to exhaust the camp participants, but to maximize the time and resources investment towards the goal of being prepared for the next season and each personal goal that people bring to such a special event. Let’s have a closer look on how was it this year.

Days were starting at 7:30 wake up, which was continued with a mechanic class at 8:00 to work personal technics, presence at the court, and each such session was ended by “bip test” or “yo yo test. That was for the good start of the day. After and still before lunch there was a theoretical class, that was led by all the campers, not only senior but juniors as well. Every day between 12-13 there was a session with Get Better coaches at the gym. They were demonstrating to the refereeing on how to properly practice, what effects can be achieved and still... how much work is ahead for the group. Before lunch team had the video analysis to prepare to officiate. Then dinner at 14.00 each day with a very nice menu (insider info). After dinner a moment of relaxation, time for shower, and back at 16:00 group had a scheduled warm up together with the players. 15-20 minutes of intense exercise. After the games, they were recorded with the glasses cameras, were discusses immediately by the instructors. The day was finished with dinner, and after dinner variety of additional activities. One day was yoga, the other day sauna, also special class for players and referees together to discuss the rules and its interpretations and review the recorded video material. This new camp element was working very well and was beneficial for all attendees! Before going to sleep and rest normally campers had to prepare videos for the next day... Uff this was it.

Now in addition, this year instead of the bicycle trip there was a visit in Slupsk the nearby city and first evening the team has spent in Ustka at the beach to have a walk and coffee.

"It was a week of hard work" – Kuba said, when I asked him for quick summary. “Everyone did a great job; each day was intense and at the end the progress and effect of the work were so visible that I couldn’t be more happier from having such a great group of people to work with. They were looking more confident, moving correctly, cooperating with each other and took all the instructors tips. Such a result is exactly the goal of the camp.”

Here as well a big thank you for GetBetter.pl for the continues cooperation, as well as to Rind.lt for providing the equipment for the campers.