Tuesday 21 March 2023

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This year for the Survival Referee.pl Camp we cooperated with the company RIND, who sponsored great quality t-shirts for the training and caps. Thanks to RIND the group was practicing in a new, innovative sport wear, produced with advanced technologies. RIND delivers a sports clothing for many different disciplines (basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, motocross, bowling, dancewear, rowing). They are also supporting basketball refereeing with high class wears. The equipment can be ordered on their page from the available collecting, and can be individually tailored for the order needs.

Check the website of the RIND here: http://rind.lt/

More about RIND

Trademark RIND is administered by the company JSC “Visaita” that renewed its activities in 2011. RIND (in Latin it means shell, peel) is an innovative manufacturer of sportswear and active leisure sports. In accordance with the latest sport fashion tendencies we produce individual RIND sport apparel and casual clothing sport wear following the requirements of highest standards of the top-level athletes. They are made by using a new generation of functional materials, advanced manufacturing and printing technologies, in accordance with the desired color, markings and logos. JSC “Visaita“ works directly or has local representatives in the following countries: Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, United Kingdom.

We aim that the produced sport wears would perfectly match any kind of sport peculiarities, and clothes for active leisure time would be comfortable and fashionable.
We believe that the RIND sport wears unite athletes for victories, reveals team’s unique sides and those who wear RIND active leisure time clothes would feel extremely perfect.
We develop the design and production of sportswear and casual clothing with paying great attention to quality.