Tuesday 21 March 2023


We would like to come back to our campers from the first edition. We went to check on how are they doing and how was their season. You can see below in follow up on how the survival training camp in Poland contributed to the last year’s season performance for the two of our campers: Asimina and Hande.


“The camp has helped me a lot with my coming season, mainly in two ways. Firstly, the practical exercises that we were doing daily on 3PO have proven very useful. During the season, when I had 3PO games, my mechanics felt more natural and I didn't have to think about it and was able to concentrate more on the game. Secondly, Piotr and Kuba have shown us how to analyze clips and all the different things we need to be thinking and be critical of. This has helped me with analyzing my own games during the season.” - said Asimina. Hande added that:” Knowing I'm getting prepared, also helps me mentally as it sends my brain the message "I'm doing my best". Secondly, especially mechanics-wise and composure-wise, I tried to keep in mind what I have been advised by Kuba & Piotr.”
Both ladies are recommending coming and try the survival referee experience for yourself ?

Some of the thoughts from 2017:

"I think this was one of the best camps I have ever attended, and I have been in many of them around Europe. I really liked that we were challenged physically, and we got pushed to improve our fitness. From a refereeing perspective, the three points below have made it a great camp that helped me improve massively:
1. The use of cameras and glasses
2. Refereeing professional players
3. Having almost a one to one feedback session with Kuba and Piotr
All the above have helped me so much to spot a lot of areas that I needed to improve, and the observers have worked with me day after day to make changes and get better and I felt that by the last day there has been a big improvement and felt more confident officiating top players.” - Asimina

"Things I like:
1- How busy the schedule was
2- The variety of things we've done; like yoga, sauna, bike trail, rule exam, video analysis etc..
3- Glasses(Cameras)
4-Warm-up/ Practice with the Players (made me feel like a player all over again :)
5- How patient Kuba & Piotr were with our every single question (I guess being a small group also helped)
6- Fantastic help from Polish colleagues re. Transportation and even accommodation
7- Friendly & helpful staff
Overall, I'm very pleased with both mental and physical work we've done. If it helps me to achieve my goals, only time will show. I would definitely consider coming back but I'd prefer camp to be a bit longer (like 10 days). Working as a small group has a huge advantage so no, I wouldn’t recommend it to any other :)) because I want us to remain small ;) " - Hande

The registration for the Referee Survival Camp 2018 is still open, you can find the APPLICATION FORM here.