Tuesday 21 March 2023

After last year’s successful first deployment of the new idea of the camp we were sure to repeat the format this year again. The registration is up and running for the 2018, you can find it here APPLICATION FORM.

For those of you who are hearing about it for the first time we would like to explain the idea behind the new format. This camp is to help referees even more to improve by doing extensive preparation before the season that would combine organic activities for referees, same as for any other sport athletes.


These are 2 separate sessions, each lasts 5 days, the agenda is very packed with training of individual work, technics of refereeing (where to look, how to move, etc.), proper movements, a lot of physical work, active trainings, with coaches, work on physical condition, body build, physical preparation, consultations with physiotherapist. There will be theory and practice of officiating on the court. We will use new technologies. We will work in a small group of 9-12 people, and this will bring us closer as a team! Kuba says there will be still time to take bikes and have a ride at the sea side ?

The camp is planned together with the player’s camp (closed selected group for professional players) who will be preparing for the coming season.

All of this is prepared to make you better referees!

Here are some reflections of the campers from last year