Wednesday 22 March 2023

Last month for the first time ever togehter with UFFO, as a partner, organized survival camp with totally new form of execution. This event had place in Jezierzyce, close to Slupsk, in Poland and was called UFFO Survival Camp 2017. Now two weeks passed and we were interested how our campers feel and what do they think about the camp from the time perspective, since it was physically heavy and completely new with many elements.


The fourth day was planned to rest a bit comparing to the previous days, so with the morning wake up at 7 am our survivors had a referee training on the court practicing again the transmission, rotation, signals, jump balls and so on.


Very early wake up today and 7 am the group had already an intense training in the hall – transmission, rotation, signals and repeat. Sprints, free throws and repeat. :)


So after the breakfast they sit all togehter with instructors to have a workshop and analize the videos recorded the day before. This was followed by 1h of gym with the GetBetter coaches and 30 minutes sprin joggs on the outdoor court.

And so we kicked off the first 24 hours of the first ever survival camp for basketball referees!

Everybody arrived to Jezierzyce safe and found the facilities. Not that they are hidden in the woods :) The camp started with theoretical class about body language and criterias. Followed bypractical training from the mechanics on the court, campers were officiating some games and in the evening watching togehter the games recorded by the main camera and the cameras in the glasses.


There is no event that can run itself. Usually there is a team behind the organization and if we are lucky there are passionate people that love basketball and like to spend some time with helping events, stay close to the basketball, learn some interesting things in the meantime, and make new friendships.

Martyna kBartoszKubik kThis year Martyna Kubicka and Bartosz Kubik are helping onsite with pair of hands. Usually there is always something to do, so this help is very much appreciated.

Martyna and Bartek are students and basketball adepts. Martyna played basketball at school. This year they have been first in their region and got 10 place in Poland. Before she played in team of Wilki Morskie and was practicing in MKS KUSY Szczecin.

Thank you Martyna and Bartek for being part of the team for this camp.

The pilot survival camp in Poland is being done for the first time in a format that will be presented this year. Our participants will join in the same place and facilities the players camp GetBetter. This referees camp is special, as it will be very targeted on individual progress and therefore the planned group of campers is small, so everyone can get very special, individual attention while practicing with the instructors.

There will be 7 referees: Asimina from England, Veronika from Slovakia and Hande from Turkey and 4 gentlemen from Poland: Jan, Bartosz, Tomasz and Adam. Give a warm welcome to all of them, as there is a hard work ahead for the whole week!


Here is some of them sharing shortly some information about themselves:

GETBETTER LOGOThe survival camp which starts in one week in Poland will be special from many reasons. Not only this is the first survival camp for referees ever organized, but also it is attached to GetBetter camp for players. Please read below to understand the initiative of the GetBetter camp, straight from their organizers: Artur Pacek and Konrad Kazmierczyk. (source:

GETBETTER is much more than just practicing. This is passion, dedication, efectivness and love to live. This is waking up every day to ispire others. Here experience and knowledge go togehter with professionalizm and wilingness to get better every day, to become a WINNER!

I am pleased to announce the instructors of the first time ever in history survival camp for referees - UFFO Survival Camp 2017, that will take place 17-21 July in Jezierzyce, Poland.
It is not only about the physical preparation at all. This camp is about the individual work with each referee that will be tailored to his/her needs. Everyone has different moves, reflex, habits, customs of behaviour. While officiating you need to look in the right place, move properly, go where you need to go to see correctly play you observe. You need to make right signals in the proper way. All this will be practiced, togehter with body language adequate for each referee and to the moment of the game. Believe me you will be tired at the end of the week. :)

With this excercises we will have support from the top league - Piotr Pastusiak and Kuba Zamojski. None of them I need to introduce as you know them pretty well, specially Kuba. But few words of career highlights, just to remember that this people train the same like you to achieve their goals and dreams and to be where they are now.
On top ofyou will also be trained by the coaches and trainers from the Get Better camp (, who are working with the top league players for their physical preparation to the season, but also in a new way. Very physical way, but with a completely new approach. For details check and follow - article coming soon.

Piotr Pastusiak podczas finalu

UFFOeng250pxW tym roku po raz pierwszy odbędzie się survival camp dla sędziów z całego świata organizowany przez Jakuba Zamojskiego we współpracy z firmą UFFO.PL. Jest to pilotażowy camp, który w tym roku ma miejsce w Polsce, jest połączony z campem zawodniczym oraz jego cel podstawowy to indywidualna praca każdego z uczestniczących w nim sędziów jako przygotowanie do nadchodzącego sezonu.
Miło jest nam ogłosić, że na UFFO Survival Camp 2017 stroje sportowe dla sędziów dostarczy UFFO.PL - znana polska marka produkująca asortyment ubrań sportowych dla różnych dziedzin sportu. Z okazji tej współpracy postanowiliśmy bliżej przedstawić Wam profil firmy UFFO.PL oraz krótką rozmowę z właścicielem firmy, Panem Markiem Grabowskim.

For the first time this year Kuba Zamojski will organize the survival camp for the referees from all around the world with the cooperation with a company UFFO.PL. This is a pilot project, which happens this year in Poland, is going in parallel with the player’s camp and its basic goal is to focus on the individual work of each referee as a preparation to the coming season.
We are happy to announce, that for UFFO Survival Camp 2017, sport outfit for referees will be provided by UFFO.PL – well known polish brand of sports clothing for various branches of sport. Because of this cooperation we would like to UFFOeng250pxpresent you the company profile and a short conversation with the company’s owner Mr. Marek Grabowski.

17-21 July 2017, Jezierzyce Słupskie, Poland

We are extremly happy to invite you for the first time to the completely new idea of the camp, where we will be working on the preparation for the following season togehter with the basketball players „Get Better Camp”. The main focus of the camp will be individual sessions, but in the group.

The camp will take place in Jezierzyce Słupskie, which is close to Słupsk and Polish sea side, located 120 km from the Gdansk airport. Słupsk is also accessible by train.

There is 5 days of hard work waiting for you. Here are the dates:


From some time already we were thinking on how to help referees even more to improve by organizing extensive preparation camp that would combine organic activities for referees, same as for any other sport athletes.

We would like to announce this special initiative for the first time, as a new project coming available for interested referees to join.

We will choose the dates that will get the most interest of yours.

The camp will be new, different project focused on individual work, technics of refereeing (where to look, how to move, etc.), proper movements, a lot of physical work, active trainings, with coaches, work on physical condition, body build, physical preparation, coming back after injury, etc.). There will be theory and practice of officiating on the court. We will use new technologies. We will work in a group, as one team!

The camp is planned to be connected with the player’s camp (closed selected group for professional players) who will be preparing for the coming season.

All of this is prepared to make you better referees!

Location – Poland, close to the sea :)

Duration: 4-5 days

Group will host max 9 referees

If you are interested fill in declaration of interest and vote for the date!! Feel free to add any comments and suggestions.

In return we will treat with priority for registration people fill in the declaration of interest.

More information will come soon!

Declaration of interest – Referee Survival Camp