Thursday 8 June 2023

Every time is the same story, four days of the camp are passing so fast, that you don’t know what were you doing. It is intense, hard, fun, sometimes difficult, but all of this is a lesson that we agree to take as a part of our learning process to get better.


So here we are, at the last day of the camp, gathered at 8 am in the lecture room to listen for the final word from our instructors. Taking every advice, like Marcin Kowalski said, and filtering for what we need the most right now for ourselves, like Sasa recommended. What is for sure, that like Richard called out, we had a possibility for 4 days to learn from the best world referees’ instructors. Now it is up to you how will you turn your preparation into success into coming season – Kuba. Hopefully you didn’t miss the fun part as well, as this is what stays in the memory after years, following the Sasa’s thought. ☺ I think we haven’t. I have seen a group of hard working people, people who know what they want. People who travelled many hours to be here. Basketball passionate. We would like to wish you all the best, we will be watching your progress, as Tommy says: let us know how can we help more, and give a ping when you are in the city. Thank you everybody for this year’s camp.

Now there is full afternoon of games, finals and still players on great energy level to play the game. So go to your games and make a god job!!!

Don’t be late ☺

Over and out.