Thursday 8 June 2023

See what you call, call what you see – Richard Stokes

The day started early with morning gym, practicing the run, calls, jump ball, and also having some fun and a team picture ☺ This class was very useful to have professional refs looking at your base skills and techniques and giving advices.

Then campers run quickly to breakfast to come back even quicker for the lecture of Richard, treating about the officiating techniques, based on the presentation, same as at Euroleague camp 2 weeks ago.


Richard Stokes, Euroleague basketball officiating department

12 ways to mess up a Basketball Game:

  1. Start the game with a poorly thrown jump ball
  2. Whenever it looks like a travelling violation, call it
  3. When administering a throw-in, rush it because you want to get the game started, even if no-one else is ready
  4. Call things different (or not at all!) later in the game from what you called in the first part of the game
  5. When you have a buzzer play and the ball is in flight, wait until the buzzer sounds before signaling basket good or not
  6. Don’t blow your whistle too loudly – someone might hear it
  7. Call a jump ball too quickly, even if you are not sure the ball is tied up
  8. Whenever the ball is pinned against the backboard, call a violation
  9. When the coach or player does something that clearly warrants a technical foul, pretend you don’t see him
  10. When assessing a technical foul, stick the T signal right in their face
  11. Guess, because it looks like......? (see what you call, call what you see)
  12. Directly confront the participants raising the tension

From Kuba – “if you find a mistake the important is to find an excuse... oh no no ☺ you need to find out why you made the mistake and learn from it”

Sasa Pukl – the act of shooting

We had a very nice session with Sasa to talk the clips, there were many interesting and difficult situations from international games, mostly of Sasa ☺

Janusz Calik – lecture – individual officiating techniques

As a following Janusz guide the group through the compilation of the individual techniques while officiating topic under the catchy name: “what’s up ref... ?” I was also learning some new words this time like for example: action area – bus station, PTS – protect the shooter.

And then the afternoon was full of games. After that we have a free evening for networking, so making friends for life and so on ☺