Thursday 8 June 2023

Prevent the tough play to become a rough play – Richard Stokes

We have started the day as usual with morning jogging at 8:15 by Marcin Kowalski, very refreshing to start the day like this, specially that the temperature is Radom is chill ☺ Some campers didn’t even stop running after 20 min and made another round. Well whatever makes you fit for the day!!

And yes we need you in your top shape as the agenda is pretty tight.


OFF BALL PLAYS and Unsportsmanlike Foul Criteria – Richard Stokes

Richard was talking again about off ball plays, as for the morning we kept the group set up, and he emphasized the unsportsmanlike criteria, we watched many clips and discussed repeatedly in slow motion as from this season this is a very important rule adoption and change. Referees need to remember about calling the right criteria that everyone understands, on both sides of the play.

Do we apply the travel rule in every situation the same? Is it art or science? ☺

Sasa Pukl - how to get prepared to the game, based on Sasa experience

Campers were asked by Sasa to do a homework: prepare clips with your strengths and weaknesses, and observe on how you assess your performance.
Later we went to the games. Many good games, interesting situations, the clips will be very nice, so some work in the evening to cut them. On the gyms the referees can also use the camera glasses, to record the game from 3 different angles and see exactly if you guys are watching your zone.

See you tomorrow ☺