Thursday 8 June 2023

Choose your role model and try to teach someone as well, be an example for someone – JOSE CARRION

After one year, here we are again☺

This time we start the camp with the games. There are many games for our campers this time, so we take advantage of it, so for sure there will be a lot of material to work with. We are on 4 halls in Radom, divided into 2 groups and exchange the lectures with games during the whole game.


Morning was spent as well for the camp registration and check in, closing all the administrative and organizational details, logistics, so camp staff was very busy, hehe ☺
Here are the lecture highlights from today.

Kuba Zamojski and Janusz Calik made an introduction to the rule changes, especially on unsportsmanlike foul update, where criteria are grouped in a new way by FIBA Technical Committee (C1, C2, C3, C4, C5) and travel violation. It will be in use from this season! So you need to start to call it and camp is a good way to practice!

Jose was asked to talk about presence on the court in the “American way”. So what does it even mean.

What is presence?
How do I see myself?
How other have told me I look?
Do I see myself achieving my goal?
Do I work on my PRESENCE?

One of the NBA officials said: I can spot good referee in 2 min just by doing the eye test. What does it mean? People can read your emotions, so choose your moments to give the right emotions and build your presence.

Presence & Projection

Everybody has different presence, everybody has their own individual presence, you work on it during whole career/life. Every game.

projection – mental impression (judgment)


  • ability to communicate (use your voice)
  • strong but not abusive
  • in command but not arrogant

you can make bad call looking goo with good mechanics, you can make good call shitty with bad mechanics, and no one cares it was a good call.


Richard had a very interesting clip session about the off-ball situations, helping us to realize the importance to make the right call and guiding us through the principals of the rule on the examples from Euroleague games.
Can we apply the same criteria in RSBQ or advantage/disadvantage in the same way in different plays?
Is “wait and see” the correct approach?

Sometimes we need luck and sometimes we make our own luck - Richard Stokes

At the end of the day we had an introduction session with everyone, campers and instructors, and a welcome speech from Kuba with some additional info and from Tommy, very motivating for the start of the camp!!

To finish telling you about the first day of our camp I would like to use the words of Janusz Calik from today’s lecture.

Janusz Calik: Are you tired?
Group: No.
Janusz: You will be.