Tuesday 21 March 2023

Every time is the same story, four days of the camp are passing so fast, that you don’t know what were you doing. It is intense, hard, fun, sometimes difficult, but all of this is a lesson that we agree to take as a part of our learning process to get better.


See what you call, call what you see – Richard Stokes

The day started early with morning gym, practicing the run, calls, jump ball, and also having some fun and a team picture ☺ This class was very useful to have professional refs looking at your base skills and techniques and giving advices.

Then campers run quickly to breakfast to come back even quicker for the lecture of Richard, treating about the officiating techniques, based on the presentation, same as at Euroleague camp 2 weeks ago.


Prevent the tough play to become a rough play – Richard Stokes

We have started the day as usual with morning jogging at 8:15 by Marcin Kowalski, very refreshing to start the day like this, specially that the temperature is Radom is chill ☺ Some campers didn’t even stop running after 20 min and made another round. Well whatever makes you fit for the day!!

And yes we need you in your top shape as the agenda is pretty tight.


Choose your role model and try to teach someone as well, be an example for someone – JOSE CARRION

After one year, here we are again☺

This time we start the camp with the games. There are many games for our campers this time, so we take advantage of it, so for sure there will be a lot of material to work with. We are on 4 halls in Radom, divided into 2 groups and exchange the lectures with games during the whole game.


Let’s close the list of instructors for 2017 REFEREE.PL with the founder of the camp. Kuba Zamojski is there at every camp, taking care that our campers have the best support possible. As you can imagine to keep all of this together it is a lot of work. Every year he says that there will be no more camp, but we know better ☺ For the sake of the future editions we shall take care that there is no glass wall in the camp permissions and hopefully nominations will come not 5 min before the game... (campers from past years will understand) ☺ Seriously, you already know Kuba and how much he cares for the camp, so you may expect nothing but another excellent event with a group of amazing international people!!
See you all tomorrow in Radom!!!

Kuba Zamojski


We are presenting set of videoclips to discuss. Only Campers who participate in our camp at RADOM can comment on each clip after Login. We kindly ask all This Year Radom Campers to comment all situations.

The clips are available after login in Radom Camp section PRE-CAMP VIDEOS.

We are happy and proud to announce that Richard Stokes will join our instructor team at REFEREE.PL camp for the first time!
Richard is bringing the experience and know-how from the best league at the continent – Euroleague, where he works as an Officials Director for two years already. Before for ten years Richard was in FIBA Europe managing the Competition and Referee Department.
The basketball history of Richard’s starts much earlier though, as since 1985 he held referee license and became international official in 1993, and join the Euroleague list of referees in 2000.

Richard STOKES


For the third consecutive time we would like to welcome Lahdo at the camp in Poland working with us as an instructor. Lahdo Sharro is a Swedish referee, one of the best in his country. He was also officiating FIBA and Euroleague games for many seasons. Which all in total gives him almost 20 years on the court now and many important international matches officiated. Some of you may know Lahdo as an organizer of big referee clinic that is taking place every year in Sodertalje. Lahdo and Kuba are friends from many years already, they made a lot of games together and Kuba is also yearly an instructor at the Scania Cup.

Milan Brziak will be the instructor for REFEREE.PL for the second consecutive time. Milan is coming from Slovakia and got his referee license in 1989, while in 1997 he obtained the international level. He has Euroleague experience as well as many FIBA tournaments on his career summary. He was also the camper of the first edition ever of the Kuba’s camp that took place in Bydgoszcz in 2004 !


For the second time welcome to the REFEREE.PL Instructors team for Michał Proc from Poland. Michał is a young FIBA referee. He started to play basketball in the age of 10 and officiated his first game at the basketball preseason preparation camp for his team 2 years later. He comes from Warsaw and as an interesting fact, he also officiates Polish Championship in the arm wrestling.

Michał Proc

Welcome to the instructors team for Marcin Kowalski. This is the second time when Marcin is with us after the camp in Krakow. Marcin is an active FIBA referee. He is also officiating Euroleague and EURO CUP games. Marcin got his refree licence 27 years ago. He has great international experience of many Eurobaskets and Championships, that he will be very happy to share with you.

Marcin Kowalski

Janusz Calik this year again will join our camp as an instructor. First time he was with us in Krakow, where he is originally from in Poland. Janusz became a referee in 1986 and 6 years later he officiated the top polish division, that lead he to become an international referee in 2000. Since many years Janusz is working with the basketball referees on various camps during seminars and clinics in Poland. It will be great to have his support and feedback for the camp, specially to hear to the advices of an active referee while observing and evaluating the game.

Janusz Calik

It is going to be the second time for our camp to host Jose in person. Last year in Cluj and Radom he has stolen all referee’s hearts with his direct approach, practicality and amazing contact with the audience. Nothing surprising as Jose Carrion has a diploma in Education and 20 years plus of experience in teaching, both in Puerto Rico and US. On top of that Jose is one of the best officials in the World, with his impressive track record and achievements. We are very happy that this year again he will be with us and helping to develop and prepare your body and mind for the coming season. When in Radom take a moment to talk to him, about your goals, about what you need to learn and where to develop to achieve your dream nominations.

Jose Anibal Carrion

As our instructor's list is open we continue to announce the confirmed names of who is joining OUR TEAM for the REFEREE.PL 2017.

Sasa Pukl

We are very pleased to tell you that Sasa Pukl will come to Radom this year to work with you. As an active referee with a long resume of games, tournaments and championships, including Olympics, he is a tresure of knowledge for the common trends, rules understanding and implementation during the game, player's different behaviour and so on. Everyone will have time to ask some questions and watch the video clips with Sasa, who will be watching you working your games.

We are very happy and proud to start presenting our instructor list for the 14th edition of REFEREE.PL basketball camp for officials taking place 14-17 September in Poland.

TommyJordan Large

The first instructor we want to announce is Tommy Nuñez, who will be with us for the 5th time already in the history of the camp. Some of you had chance to meet him already, but for those who haven’t yet, Tommy is bringing his incredible over 2000 NBA officiated games experience, natural gift of engaging the audience while presenting, great sense of humor, and a lot of stories that will make you think and laugh ... ☺ He is also very dedicated to work with basketball referees, young adepts and support kids. In Radom Tommy will be working with our campers on and off the court helping to master the officiating skills.

invitation2017 top

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce the 14th year edition in a row of REFEREE.PL camp for basketball officials.

This year again we would like to invite you to Poland, and for the second time to Radom, which is located in the greatest region of Masovia, close to Warsaw and have long basketball traditions.