Wednesday 22 March 2023

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The Team

At the third day it is visible that the camp is so intense. We have only 4 days and so many things to do, and between all this games, game preparation, clips cutting, video watching, discussing with your crew, presentations, lectures, morning run, pulse run… yeah. Today at 7 again was the run, I have noticed the group was little smaller, this is because some people last evening run the beep test, and simply you need to rest the body.

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Yesterday was a day of lectures, today will be a mixture of presentations and half a day of games.
So as tradition says we started with the morning FIBA run at 7 AM. Some guys went to run at 6… :) Fitness is very important part of referee’s life.  

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Hurray!! We started the second session of REFEREE.PL of this year. Now we are in Radom. The basketball city of the Vice-Champion of Poland.

We kicked off the camp according to the agenda, waiting a moment for late arrivals. Kuba opened the session with the administration stuff, explaining the logistics, as we will play in 5 gyms, then all the instructors introduced themselves and all the campers said few words about themselves. We have a big group of 42 referees and 12 instructors.

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Lahdo Sharro is a Swedish FIBA referee, one of the best in his country. Also from a year 2000 he is a Euroleague referee. Which all in total gives him almost 20 years on the court now and many important international matches officiated. Some of you may know Lahdo as an organizer of big referee clinic that is taking place every year in Sodertalje. Lahdo and Kuba are friends from many years already, they made a lot of games together and Kuba is also yearly an instructor at the Scania Cup.

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Closing the instructors list for Radom we have 4 important assets that are coming to the camp. Costas, who is known to all of you for his strong character in and off the court, working extensively with Euroleague referees and coaches, now working with FIBA, Jose who came from USA to share his experience with you and teach you more about team work, Micio from Serbia, who will help you to develop yourself on the court and Kuba, that from many year already is helping you all to make progress and make sure all can benefit from the various aspects of the camp.

Welcome all to the second session of the REFEREE.PL

Petr Sudek is joining the instructors team at REFEREE.PL for the fourth time already. Currently Petr is working in Qatar in the basketball federation as a referee’s technical expert. We will also have a strong group of referees at the camp representing Qatar. Very warm welcome for Petr and see you soon in Radom!!

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Darek is coming for the second time as an instructor at REFEREE.PL. He was already with us in Bielsko-Biala in Poland 2014. Darek is an active international referee with a great experience coming from multiple tournaments and championships he was officiating. We are very happy, that Darek will be with us for the second session in Radom to share his knowledge.


Please welcome in the instructors’ team, for the first time at REFEREE.PL – Grzegorz Ziemblicki. Grzegorz is an experience referee with the impressive CV, long year on the international level as a referee. Grzegorz has officiated many important championships, tournament and as well Olympic games.
From this year Grzegorz is working as an FIBA National Instructor in Poland.

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Schedule 2016

We have just published Poland Session Schedule. Please take a look on it. We have got 11 sessions for you and many hours on court.
Every Camper will can have access to this Google Calendar of our Camp direct form moblie device or laptop.

The second session of one of the most popular basketball referees camp in the world organized by Jakub Zamojski, international official, will take place this year in Radom. City Radom is very actively helping to develop interest in basketball with a great success. In Radom we can cheer for the top league team, current vice champion of Poland and Polish Cup winner from season 2015/2016 – Rosa Radom.

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The international referee from Slovakia – Milan Brziak, will come to the camp for the second time, but for the first time as an instructor, as at the very beginning 10 years ago, he was with us as a participant. This is great to have Milan back, now in different role. Milan is bringing a lot of experience from FIBA and Euroleague, so will work with you specially to help you in the game assessment, video situations and instant feedback.

FRANSA MAKEDONYA141For the first time welcome to the REFEREE.PL Instructors team for Michał Proc from Poland. Michał is a young FIBA referee. He started to play basketball in the age of 10 and officiated his first game at the basketball preseason preparation camp for his team 2 years later. He comes from Warsaw and as an interesting fact, he also officiates Polish Championship in the arm wrestling.


At the second session in Radom Mr Krzysztof Koralewski will join the instructors team. From 18 years Mr Koralewski is a FIBA Commissioner and also long years worked as National FIBA Instructor in Poland. He was already once with us in Bydgoszcz 10 years ago and so we are happy to have him again.

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It is the high time to start introducing the instructors for Radom Session of REFEREE.PL. As first comes Jasmina Juras (born Tatić) from Serbia. We are very proud to welcome first women in OUR TEAM. Nina officiates the top European and World basketball and she has already track record as an instructor.
Very warm welcome for Jasmina to the REFEREE.PL session in Poland.


Already since the age of twelve Michal had a strong relationship with basketball – at the beginning he was a player, later on he had become a referee and now he is also a basketball activist and an organizer of many sport events.

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2016 s2

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the 2nd session of the 13th year of REFEREE.PL camps for basketball officials.

Right after the session in Romania we are inviting you again to Poland, and for the first time to Radom, which is located in the greatest region of Masovia, close to Warsaw and have long basketball traditions.