Tuesday 21 March 2023

Dear Campers,

It is more than a week after we finished this year’s camp in Turkey. As we know everybody arrived home safe. Some people stayed longer in Turkey, some of you are already officiating at summer tournaments and others went to back to work or for a change to proper vacations. I was wondering who remembers the things was talked during the camp in Antalya…

Last day of the second session arrived… Guys were very excited and went out of the frames and got creative. So instead of morning run campers went to the swimming pool to play water polo! Unfortunately there are no photos of this game as the paparazzo was sleeping :)

Gym, run, pool – today people divided and did different morning activities. Majority still went to run, lead by Paulina and Tomek, who used the exercise from FIBA.  Day started with the sun, but later was raining; we didn't care anyway, because the games were ongoing and in case wanted people could use the indoor pool.

Guess what was the first thing the campers did in the morning… the 7 am run of course. They even started before I came down to make the picture; the group had run away :)

Like in a FIBA tournament, today we had a day off. People from first session were leaving, so transfers to the airport and another session was coming. Goodbyes and hellos. Some people stayed and some came before, so all in all today was no games and people could use pools, gym or go to the city center or the other resort of the complex for the beach. With this beautiful weather this day was like real vacation.

Now, the last day of the final session arrived…

As this is already a tradition here in the morning again the entire group did a 7.15 run. As we want to take the most of last day, no one is tired, no one complains, and so in this mood we have started the first lecture of the day at 8.30 by Carl Jungebrand. All the instructors’ team came for this lecture. Mentioning that Costas had no lecture today and still he was there, because he also wants to learn. Impressive. Carl was telling us some important things. As referees we are never attacking, we hold the position, so we must defend the position.  This is mental versus psychical challenge. When you walk there, nothing is going to happen that you don't control! You need to know it! – Carl Jungebrand.

Today again we had an early wake up and the fitness session in the morning at 7.00, we have done a family picture, the first of the day! The temperature in the morning is very good to the outdoor activities; some people instead of run went to the pool.

As recommended by Kuba 7.15 the group was running today as a fresh start of the day, having some stretching, lead by Veronika and Sergey.  First important decisions we had to make today before going to the court was what to eat for breakfast, as this buffet in Gloria Hotel is honestly spoiling us heavily :)

So fed and happy we went to first session by Carl Jungebrand.

More than 30 C degrees in Antalya, this is how the city welcomed today our campers for the 1st session of the International Basketball Referee’s Camp!

In the past month we have announced the whole instructor’s team who will be coming to Antalya to work with you at the camp. Please see the list below.












Anibal Carrion



We have completed list of the camp participants for 2 sessions. We are almost 60 people from 25 countries and 4 continents.

This is impressive!We cannot wait to meet you all in Antalya and do some international, multicultural officiating on the highest level!!!

Camp cannot be executed without the main person who is bringing it all together… So the last one to announce and closing the list in the same time is Kuba Zamojski.

Camp in Antalya starts in 3 days with its first session. Together with the camp at this very same sport complex of Hotel Gloria a great tournament will take place and you are going to officiate it!

For a week in June, the 1st ESBA Championship “Antalya 2015″  (http://esba-basket.com/antalya-2015/)  will transform Belek into the center of seniors basketball in Europe. Teams from nine different countries will take part in the competition. There are a total of 38 confirmed teams across 11 different age categories.

We all like this software! Longomatch is very easy to use, intuitive and super useful to analyze your game. You can easily cut clips during watching the game video and come back to them whenever you need. The same software is being used by FIBA. This year especially for you will be possible to use the full version of Longomatcg pro for free during a month. Peter Strikwerda will train you on how to use the best the features of this program and Peter will be helping during the camp with the clips.

Some of you may know me, as maybe we met already at some basketball event, and surely we did at Kuba’s camp, as I was there from the beginning when it all started in 2004.

Next week in Antalya for the 12th year in a row we will have the international referee camp for basketball officials REFEREE.PL. We have 55 referees from many countries and also different continents. During this camp we want to learn, prepare for the new season and get better. Therefore we will have also a group of great instructors, who are available to help us.

My adventure with basketball has started when I was a young boy, many years ago. Few years of playing in a team showed clearly that I will not be another Michael Jordan and my coaches sent me for the referee’s course. And so last year I was celebrating already 20 years on the court as a basketball referee. Currently from 5 years I am officiating in the national league in Poland.

Our good friend from Scania Cup will come to REFEREE.PL in Turkey.  Lahdo was already an instructor at the camp in Poland two years ago, but most of you know him for sure from Scania Cup, the camp for referees that takes place in Sweden over Easter holidays.

We are back with the campers stories! Next one is Veronika Vavrova from Czech. See below the intro.

We would like to introduce Professor Ridvan Ekmekçi who will be present at the camp in Antalya and give lectures about psychological preparation to officiating. As well he will help as an instructor, will be watching games and building up your good performance. He will focus on analyzing games from the perspective of psychological condition preparation.

Especially this year we have another well known instructor, who will join us remotely before and during the camp. You all know Peter Strikwerda from previous camps and the work he is doing in Europe as an instructor.


One more active referee is joining OUR TEAM. We are pleased to announce Ersan Kartal from Turkey, as an instructor who will be helping you at the camp with the matches’ analysis and sharing his experience from Euroleague courts.

We are happy to announce that Peter Papp will join our instructor’s team this year for the REFEREE.PL camp. Peter will come for the first time to the camp and will conduct a lecture for each camp session based on his training program that you can check on refereemindset.com. As Peter is promising, he will take you a step closer to your dreams!

Dear all, please meet our next lady referee who is joining the camp in Antalya.



Selcan is an engineer from Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding and Oceanography field who works as a full time professional in London.

Hi refs. Another exciting info for you, as more people are joining the camp this year in various roles. Remember Jose Anibal Carrion was with us remotely last year? Guess what, this year he is going to help as well. We will have series of video clips with your discussion and his expertise. Looking forward, there is a lot of work ahead us ;)

As a part of our project for meeting the campes, please meet another referee that will join our camp this year - Marli Kasemi from Albania.

We keep our fingers crossed that this year he will be there from the beginning :)

For the second time in our camp we are happy to welcome Mr Buluc Yalçın from Turkey.

Sharing good news! Peter Sudek will come to our camp in Turkey. Peter will join the instructor team at our camp!

I would like now to present a “referee CV” of a women from Poland, who attended multiple camps in Europe and her career is growing over the years quite fast - Ewa Matuszewska.

We are pleased to announce that Costas Rigas is coming to Antalya to work as an instructor with you!

We are proud to have him, as he is very busy lately and still he can spare time to come and spend time working with you.  Every time he speaks, he is sending a very powerful and memorable message for the referees. You will experience that very soon!

We are very happy that Carl Jungebrand - the Head of Referees in FIBA will come to the camp. Multiple instructor (3 times) at REREFEE.PL. We are extremely happy he will be with us this year as well. I am sure you all know his attitude to train referees and like to listen while he speaks about the psychology of officiating.  Please read small teaser, a few words from Carl before the camp.

We are always thinking of our campers and for you to have a variety of people to learn from.

That is why we are super excited to tell you, that one of the best referees in the world now is coming to Antalya for REFEREE.PL - Stephen Seibel from Canada.

Let’s start to present instructors for our 2015 camp!

First on the announcement, known by everyone, one of the best referees of all times, the veteran of REFEREE.PL as he was already at the first camp session in 2004 – Romas Brazauskas!

Dear friends and campers to be,

Let me inform you that 24 May is a deadline to send us the application for REFEREE.PL camp in Antalya. Please share this info with whoever is interested. If you hesitate to sign in, do not! The camp this year will be awesome!!

You can read all about in on referee.pl

Soon we will present the instructor list!!

Stay tuned!!

Dear friends,

This year for the first time at the camp we will have prepared exclusively for you a special training set from Alejandro Vaquera, who works for FIBA. For more details please read the below conversation with Alejandro.

Hi again. I like to see that our new action with introducing the referees coming to the camp is very popular, especially on Social Media, so we happily continue to present to you profile of referees from all over the world who sign in to come to Antalya. Next is Jimmy (Chuang Chih-Chun) from Taiwan.

As per your request, please note following for those who needs to get a visa for entering our country Turkey.

First of all go to www.evisa.gov.tr official Turkish Goverment e-visa system website.
Fill up the proper form of e-visa applications
Mainly after checking the relevant application details, from capital of our country, foreign minister office will be
reverting the e-visa to be valid on the arrival to the airport for the passport controlling.

If you need any further info, pls do not hesitate to contact me furtherly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have you met a referee with perfect knowledge of the rules, extremely well decisions on video clip situations, excellent mechanics and still no real success as a referee? Have you been thinking about how this it possible?

For the first time ever at the camp will host 3 referees from Qatar! We took the advantage that good friend of the camp – Petr Sudek is working as a Referees Technical Expert in Qatar and was very kind in sharing some info about our new friends. Check yourself. :)

So there are 3 new faces for the Referee.pl from Qatar.

My name is Edgard Ceccarelli, I am 22 years old. I'm studying for Brand-Marketing Manager at Red Bull, I have a master degree in Sport Marketing. I love basketball, travels and laugh with my friends. I'm smiling guy and I am passionate by the different cultures, which exist in this world. 

As we continue to present you the people who will come to our camp in June. Next one will be a referee from Russia – Daniel Adeyemi. Go and meet Daniel.

Another referee from quite a distance, who is coming to Antalya. We are happy to introduce Lei Si Man from Macau.

Few words from Macau

As this year for the camp plenty of things are happening for the first time, I would like to start an introduction of some camp participants before the camp. This year is fantastic, we have many people on the lists and some campers attending from very far away. We thought it would be nice for the wider audience to get to know them. And all of you can get to know better in Antalya.


Antalya, 13-21 June 2015

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce the 12th edition of REFEREE.PL camp for basketball officials.

We have prepared a great surprise for you this year, the location of the camp is extraordinary! We are inviting you to the top class hotel located at the sea side in the beautiful Turkish city with basketball traditions – Antalya. Camp has never taken place in such a touristic location, but this is not all, we also propose new version of the camp!

REFEREE.PL 2015 camp will have two sessions, as we have a great level tournament that is lasting for two camps!